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D-NationSoft is now providing point of sale(POS) software for any store business to manage the business. This Point of sale software is also called Store Management Software. To manage the total store with sales, products history, stock management etc. The power of having this software is to manage a business with sales fastly using one hand. D-NationSoft made the point of sale(POS) that is beautiful, flexible, and powerful. The best way to make sales today using this user friendly point of sale software. Using this software, it is very easy to grow the list of customers and speed up your business proportionally. And finally you will be gained to more control your store business successfully.

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In bellow you will get admin access to check. Please take a look this things and contact us here at at any time if you don't understand anything here and if you have any questions. We are always ready to hear from you.

POS Software Demo

Project Price

290 USD
15,999 BDT

D-NationSoft provides high quality hosting server.If you need to set it as online version, you can also see D-NationSoft hosting services here.

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  • Customer List
  • Add Customer
  • Edit Customer
  • Delete Customer
  • Customer List Export
  • Prodcuts List
  • Add Prodcuts
  • Edit Prodcuts
  • Bulk Edit Prodcuts
  • Delete Prodcuts
  • Update Inventory
  • Details of Inventory
  • Generate Barcode
  • Prodcuts List Export
Item Kit
  • Item Kit List
  • Add Item Kit
  • Edit Item Kit
  • Delete Item Kit
  • Generate Barcode
  • Item Kit List Export
  • Suppliers List
  • Add Suppliers
  • Edit Suppliers
  • Delete Suppliers
Graphical Reports
  • Categories
  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Employees
  • Payments
  • Sale
  • Suppliers
  • Taxes
Summary Reports
  • Categories
  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Employees
  • Payments
  • Sale
  • Suppliers
  • Taxes
Detailed Reports
  • Sale
  • Receivings
  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Employees
Inventory Reports
  • Low Inventory
  • Inventory Summary
Items Receiving
  • Items Receiving List
  • Items Received Edit
  • Items Received Delete
  • Add new Received Item From Supplier
  • Item Receiving cart system
  • Items Sales List
  • Items Sales Edit
  • Items Sales Delete
  • Items Sales Delete
  • Add new Sales To Customer
  • Overview Of Sales
  • Employees List
  • Add Employees
  • Edit Employees
  • Delete Employees
  • Employees List Export
Gift Cards
  • Gift Cards List
  • Add Gift Cards
  • Edit Gift Cards
  • Delete Gift Cards
  • General Configuration
  • Barcode Configuration
  • Stock Locations
  • Print Settings